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Garden Fence

  • US $1.5 - 3/Square Meter

  • 1000 Square Meter/Square Meters

  • 1000,00 Square Meter/Square Meters per Month

  • Tianjin

  • T/T, LC, D/A, D/P, O/A



Using high quality Iron Rod as raw material, the welded panel, after galvanization, Powders Primer, and Powders top coating; it can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly. The thickness of powder coating is 100-120 microns usually. The choose wire diameters are 6MM*2+5MM*1.8MM*2+6MM*1. It obtains high strong powers to resist the construction.
Fence size: 200 mm x 50 mm x 2.5 Meters x from 630mm - 2630mm or available on request.

This system usually choose Square Post (50*50mm, 60*60mm), Rectangular Post (80*60*2.5mm, 120*60*3mm) with the high strength and so on. With plastic caps or Roofing rainhat.The finished surface usually is Galvanized and Powder coating, or alternatively.

The panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets, using the steel flat bar, or special steel clamps, all nuts are self-locking.This also can be designed as the special clients requests.
Application:Boundary and anti intruder 
Stand and finish: Galvanized / Polyester coated green
other standard colors available on request


Wire Dia

Mesh Size

Panel Height

Panel Width

Post  Height

Post Type








Becaclip Post

Non clamps,
Rain cap







Square Post

Steel clamp,Plastic clamp,Rain cap










Round Post

Steel clamp,Plastic clamp,Rain cap

Garden Fence


How to Install Welded Wire Mesh Fences
Step 1
Determine how tall you want your fence. If the fence will be 4 feet tall, the steel posts will need to be 6 feet tall. The posts will need to be at least 2 feet taller than your fencing.

Step 2 
To make sure your area is square, choose a starting point and measure from there. Mark each corner with a wood stake. Once your corners are marked, measure diagonally to make sure that your area is square (that is, that your area is a true square or rectangle). Your diagonal measurements should be the same. Adjust your wood stakes as necessary to achieve your right angles.

Step 3 
Measure each side of your fence from corner to corner. Add each side together. This will be how much welded wire you will need. Welded wire comes in rolls from 25 feet to 100 feet. The smaller rolls are easier to handle, but the larger rolls generally cost less.

Step 4 
You will need one post for each corner. Generally you want your posts to be between 7 and 10 feet apart. Divide the length of each side by 7-10 feet to figure how many posts you will need per side. Add up the posts from each side and the corners.

Step 5
Place your corner T-posts. Remove your wood marking stake. In its place, pound your T-post 2 feet into the ground with a hammer or a steel post driver. Pound the posts in straight.

Step 6 
Once all the corner posts are pounded in, tie a string to each post, close to the top. Attach a line level to the string to make sure your posts are even. The string will also help you keep each post in a straight line.

Step 7 
Measure the distance from the corner to the first post you want to place. Pound the post into the ground. Repeat with the remaining posts, trying to keep the posts at a 90-degree angle to the ground. Remove the string.

Step 8 
Starting at a corner, attach the end of your roll of welded wire. Use the baling wire or metal ties to tie the wire to the post at the top, the middle and the bottom. Once the roll is attached, carefully unroll and stretch the wire to the next post. Tie the wire to the pole. Continue to the corner. Once you reach the corner, carefully stretch the wire around the corner and continue to the next post. Go back and secure the wire to the corner. Continue unrolling the wire and attaching to the posts until you are finished.

Step 9 
If you finish a roll of wire before you are done with the fence, you will have to splice two rolls together. The best way to do this is by ending the first roll of wire at a post and starting the new roll at the same post. Use wire clippers to remove the excess wire after the roll is attached to the fence.


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